RAPcore Management of Change (eMoC)

In this digital age, companies are facing increasing complexities and levels of change in which existing paper based or legacy systems are proving to be cumbersome and time consuming.

This is where RAPcore’s Electronic Management of Change (eMoC) module can significantly help in guiding and streamlining the process whilst recording every aspect of the change along the way.

The RAPcore Electronic Management of Change process

The System

RAPcore’s Electronic Management of Change (eMoC) module will replace existing systems by defining and governing the change management process in a user friendly and efficient way.

Whilst identifying the reason and significance of the change it will also suggest the likely involvement of associated personnel and requirement for local and site standards whilst also allowing you to add comments and links to documents.

RAPcore eMoC process start


  • Simple navigation of the key stages
  • Email reminders to involved people at key stages
  • Email support links that automatically direct the user to the required change
  • Actions can be suggested by the system or entered directly
  • The system lists possible countermeasure to the selected impacts
  • Residual risk is analysed to meet a set level for the change to be approved (optional)
  • Configure the workflow to suit exact needs
  • Upgrade capabilities as required
RAPcore Management of Change level


  • Increased control over the change process
  • Simplified process and guidance allowing frequent user to interact fully with the system
  • Changes are managed from inception to closure ensuring compliance
  • Simplified and accurate reporting of all statuses for each stage of the modifications
  • Nothing is missed or left to chance
  • Instant access to individuals required actions

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