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What is RAPcore?

"When we set about designing RAPcore the main aim was to get a fully integrated single platform that provides a clear and consistent interface across all modules.

Utilising the latest Microsoft .NET core technologies, we have developed a system with a single, simple and intuitive administration to control signatures and authorisation combined with module-specific configuration.

This provides full flexibility across all modules at business level down to individual pieces of equipment combined with cross-module integration, accessible API and the ability to communicate with third-party API’s."

Mike Tozer – Development Manager

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RAPcore Modules

Management of Change (eMoC)

With companies facing increasing complexities and levels of change and a faster more technologically-aware workplace, individuals have less and less time to spend on legacy, cumbersome and time consuming management of change processes.
This is where RAPcore’s eMoC system can significantly help in streamlining the process whilst prompting, suggesting and recording every aspect of the change along the way.

Interlocks and Overrides iconInterlocks & Overrides

From time to time, all plants have a need to disable key instruments, alarms and interlocks and temporarily remove safety valves, whether for mechanical or operational reasons. Our Interlock and Overrides system helps manage these outages, keeping all aware of status and requirements, whilst maintaining safe conditions.

More modules to come

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